About Hizennya


Welcome to Hizennya,
a brewery of encounters and emotions

Hizennya is a sake brewery located in Hizen-Hamashuku in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture—a town steeped in fermentation (brewing) culture.
Under our theme of a Brewery of Encounters and Emotions, we reopened in January 2017 as a place for communicating the delicious taste and safety of Saga rice as well as the appeal of Hizen-Hamashuku’s culture and people.

Hizennya can be enjoyed in two places—the New Building, and the Main Building.

Main Building

Hizennya Main Building

The Main Building is where the actual sake brewing takes place.
Here you can talk to the sake brewers and experience sake or amazake (sweet rice beverage) brewing in workshops.
There is also a Showa Room where you can experience the nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa Era (1926–1989).

New Building

Hizennya New Building

In accordance with our theme of acting as a base for communicating information about Saga’s specialty products, various Hizennya-made products are available here for purchase.
We have brought together a diverse range of products that are perfect as souvenirs as well as for everyday use.

Business hours 9:30〜17:00 Regular holidays: Please refer to calendar
Location 2761-2 Hamamachi, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture.
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Contact information TEL:0954-63-2468  FAX:0954-63-2489