Hizen-Hamashuku Daiginjo

Hizen-Hamashuku Daiginjo
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  • Hizen-Hamashuku Daiginjo

Hizen-Hamashuku Daiginjo数量限定品

This daiginjoshu wine is brewed from Yamada Nishiki—the ultimate sake-brewing rice.
Brewed at low temperatures using meticulous temperature control, this gem of a sake wine is patiently brewed over 30 days.
Open the bottle and savor the gorgeously elegant ginjo aroma.
This sake wine features a refreshing sharpness and superbly balanced taste.

¥ 2,700 (Tax excluded)
¥ 5,400 (Tax excluded)
Types of liquor Seishu
Class Daiginjo
Ingredients Rice (produced in Japan), Rice-malt (produced in Japan)
Percentage of polished rice obtained from brown rice 40%
Alcohol percentage 16%
sake meter value
Volume 720ml / 1,800ml
Brewery Minematsu-Shuzojo
Storage method Store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.